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The History of Gran Couva

The History of Gran Couva

Gran Couva is part of the Montserrat hills in the Central Range of Trinidad. It was first settled by a diverse group such as white and coloured Frenchmen, who came generally after the 1783 Cédula de Población. They fled to Trinidad from Grenada after bitter fights with the British.
Gran Couva is well known for a variety of reasons. For one, it is internationally known as the home of Trinitario cocoa. According to some, the weather and the soil converge to help cultivate some of the finest cocoa in the world. In fact, Valrhona, the French chocolate manufacturers, make a single estate chocolate bar from cocoa sourced from Gran Couva. And the product is named “Gran Couva”!
The rural community is also home to a much treasured eco-site called the Carmelita waterfall. This waterfall is said to be best enjoyed in the rainy season when the pool really comes alive. There are also rewarding views from the top of the hill.
The La Vega Estate is also a point of pride. It is a big nursery and recreation park, with man-made ponds/lakes. It is a popular attraction, with persons often stopping by for picnics.
The area is also home to a famous historic landmark. The Our Lady Of Montserrat Catholic Church was built by priest and architect Farther Marie Jules Dupoux in 1878 and blessed on December 24th 1878. It was named after the Montserrat Hills on which it stands.  It houses a Shrine to Our Lady of Montserrat also known as the Black Virgin, which was built by a Spanish Saint Maker in Spanish Colonial Art Style. Pilgrims come from all parts of Trinidad and Tobago to pray here. It was damaged by an earthquake in 1954 and Tropical Storm Alma in 1974, but was restored in 2004.

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