Tech Today: The World’s 1st ‘Robot Lawyer’

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Tech Today: The World’s 1st ‘Robot Lawyer’

Tech Today: The World’s 1st ‘Robot Lawyer’

Next time you’re in need of legal advice, you might want to say hello to the world’s 1st robot lawyer.

A technology initially used to fight traffic fines is now helping refugees with legal claims.

It’s a chatbot – a computer program that carries out conversations through texts or vocal commands – and it uses Facebook Messenger to gather information about a case before spitting out advice and legal documents.

In the US and Canada, it’s helping refugees complete immigration applications, and in the UK, it can aid asylum seekers in obtaining financial support from the government.

Browder developed the chatbot through the help of lawyers from each of the countries.

It works by asking a series of questions to determine if a refugee is eligible for asylum protection under international law.

Once it knows a user can claim asylum, it takes down hundreds of details and automatically fills in a completed immigration application.

Crucially, all the questions that the bot asks are in plain English and artificial intelligence generated feedback appears during the conversation.

The bot suggests ways the asylum seeker can answer questions to maximise their chances of having applications accepted.


March 9th, 2017

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