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Tech Today: Qualcomm reveals under-screen fingerprint sensor

Tech Today: Qualcomm reveals under-screen fingerprint sensor

Qualcomm has announced a fingerprint ID sensor designed to be fitted underneath smartphone and tablet screens.

It said the component could also work with wet fingers or underwater and could be used to measure heart rates.

The development paves the way for Android device-makers to be able to achieve sleeker designs.

However, one expert said Apple could still beat Qualcomm to market, with a rival screen-integrated sensor of its own.

Fingerprint sensors are used to unlock devices without having to type in a code, to authenticate payments and to provide other identity checks.

Qualcomm unveiled its innovation at Mobile World Congress in Shanghai.

Its sensor works by emitting ultrasonic soundwaves, which bounce back on to the sensor with different reflection strengths depending on whether they hit the finger’s ridges or valleys.

An earlier version of the tech was used to embed a fingerprint sensor under a glass bezel at the base of its Mi5 smartphone.

But it partnered with Vivo, another Chinese handset-maker, to show off a prototype handset featuring the new part at the Shanghai expo.

One tech blog said the demo unit worked but was noticeably slower to carry out scans than existing sensors.



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June 28th, 2017

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