Tech Addiction is no LOL Matter

Tech Addiction is no LOL Matter

Here’s a valid question for you today. What would you do if you realised that you forgot your mobile phone home one morning and were already a good distance away heading to the office. Would you turn around and fetch the phone or just forget it until you got home after work? Chances are, you would turn around because you just can’t function without it for the day. And the reasons for that are numerous and valid too. Or so they seem to you at least. Or maybe you could be suffering from tech addiction. It is a valid epidemic that affects millions around the world including children.

Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Candy Crush, Minecraft, work, emails, phone calls. They keep us glued to our mobile phones all day long and other than being a great distraction that could pose serious danger, there is also the side of tech addiction that results in loss of productivity at work and at school. How many times a day do you check your phones for messages of any sort without being prompted by beeps and flashing lights? Well, the makers of mobile technology know that distractions are a matter for concern and seem to be doing something about it. Apple will soon expand its ‘do not disturb’ mode and include settings to dim before bedtime. Google’s Android plans to force phones into ‘hush mode’ when placed face down and mute colours at night.

While all of these plans sound like steps in the right direction, none of these companies really want us to ignore our phones for lengthy periods. New communication apps and the belief by many that it is acceptable to talk to anyone at any time on social media will only make tech addiction worse. And children stand to suffer the most. For most adults over 25, technological advances and phenomena would have occurred sometime during their adult or teenage life. Thus, there was life before the advent of Facebook, etc. and while the addiction now is real, life then and the technological presence now are as comparable as black and white. For children who grow up within this digital era though, the influence is far more frightening.

A wise man once stated that we only can relate to the world however it is during our lifetime, and anything before is considered buried in history before our time. Think about that for a moment. Toddlers with tablets, little ones with laptops, these are no longer a luxury but as common as books back in the day. They are growing up knowing this to be an essential part of existence, just as pens and pencils were to us adults. The addiction is real.

Are you ready to accept that?

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June 7th, 2018

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