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Talparo – ADITLO

Talparo – ADITLO


Alot has changed from the rural village of Talparo. The community according to a resident is almost situated in the heart of Trinidad, located almost in the centre of the country between Todds Road and Mundo Nuevo.

This Spanish village of Talparo is known as ‘Big Bird’. The area was vastly regarded as an agricultural village, with many cocoa and citrus estates existing during the boom of agriculture in Trinidad. But as time passed and popularity in the industry dwindled, so did cocoa and citrus estates which have significantly dried up over the years. Many farmers in the area now just own a few acres for agriculture, with their small homes built to the front of their plantation.

Flooding in the area is at a minimum, because of the high terrain, but residents are known to pass through flood waters in Todds Roads and San Raphael on their way o Talparo. The community is known very much for its stick fighting in the old days which lasted for decades. This past time involved the entire community back in its heyday but the art has somewhat ceased in the past years.

Talparo however is heavily involved in Carnival celebrations every year with junior bands and parade of the bands taking place year after year. This close-knitted community has always been involved in sports mainly cricket and football which takes place mostly at the village’s ground, the Talparo Recreation Ground.

There are currently 4 national U19 women’s players in the T&T cricket squad, including its captain Reneice Boyce and Trameine Edwards who reside from the area. Acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams is also said to have grown up in this village. The community is home to a number of small businesses, including several bars, bakeries and small shops, but development never really kicked off, with the area keeping its status as a close-knitted rural area in the centre of this beautiful island.

Amrit Maharaj

June 27th, 2016

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