Stop Cyber Bullying

Stop Cyber Bullying

This modern day where technology has become part of our lives, we must now take a look at what is necessary and what isn’t. A recent meeting between education officials and parliamentary officials brought up the use of cell phones in the class, especially by students.

On one hand, there is the notion that due to parents wanting to keep in close contact with their children, a phone is given to the child to keep, in case of any emergencies as well. The other idea brought to the Parliament by TTUTA’s vice president Kyrla Robertson is that the use of cell phone not only disrupts teaching, but also contributes to violence in schools, through cyber bullying.

But, she added – and we agree—is the fact that cyber bullying done online occurs many times outside of school hours, when these children are idle at home or elsewhere, sending mean tweets or trolling other children on Facebook.

Technology has certainly struck us quickly, with advances being made every day, and certainly society hasn’t been able to keep up, especially when it comes to protecting children online. The idea of cyber bullying or ensuring this does not happen must begin in the home. Parents need to have a firm grip on their children’s use of cell phones and the internet in general.

Nowadays even toddlers are getting familiar with the use of apps at such a young age, and it advances from there. But a parent needs to decide when the time is right for a child to actually own and be responsible for his or her own smart phone. Also the policing of its use must be a priority for a parent or guardian, and proper guidelines and online etiquette needs to be taught at a young age.

Persons have no sense of censorship when they’re hiding behind the firewalls of a social media account, and say anything they desire, or view whatever they want online. But this has to stop, beginning in the home, and when school is underway the teachers and school officials need to take over that responsibility.

We’re sure some of the older folks can remember being scolded by our parents if we acted or spoke inappropriately to someone else. This is the same issue, but through the use of social media.

Lawlessness and unethical behavior can begin at a much younger age, now that it’s so easy to do it online. And it has been happening—we see the cyber bullying and recording or inappropriate content occurring without much consequence.

This is a discussion that needs to be on a much wider scale, and it needs to take place sooner rather than later. Let’s protect our kids as best as we can, in this new age.


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February 2nd, 2018

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