CWI sets new fitness benchmark ahead of 2019 World Cup

    Some Windies cricketers during a training session in 2014 (Photo credit: WICB Media Photo/Randy Brooks)
    CWI Head of Sports Medicine & Science, Dr. Oba Gulston (Photo credit: WICB Media/Randy Brooks)

    A new fitness benchmark has been set for Windies cricketers looking to make the 2019 World Cup squad.

    According to CWI Head of Sports Medicine & Science, Dr. Oba Gulston Windies men’s cricketers showed the greatest improvement in fitness over the past year, compared to all other players under the CWI’s care.

    These include all six regional franchises that play domestic cricket.

    The players are tested using a myriad of methods with the Yo-Yo Endurance Test at the forefront.

    According to Dr. Gulston, the tests have seen the Windies men’s fitness improve by 30% over the past year.

    CWI Chief Executive Officer, Johnny Grave, says the board has mandated that this new benchmark must be achieved for players to be eligible for selection for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 England & Wales.

    He says given the hectic cricketing calendar across the multiple formats, the sport is practically a year-round pursuit.

    It’s for this reason that he believes, “Irrespective of a player’s cricketing ability, a minimum fitness level is the bedrock for success for any contemporary sports professional.”