Social Media’s  View Of Police Credibility

Social Media’s View Of Police Credibility

The latest social media debacle that has confronted the local police service is the pictures that surfaced over the weekend of a marked patrol vehicle sunk in the sand on a beach. It is alleged that officers were investigating reports of guns and drugs on the beach when their vehicle began to sink in the soft sand and was eventually overcome by the surf. A likely story indeed however the trustworthiness of the service at present leaves a lot to be desired regarding this latest matter of a police vehicle being overwhelmed by the ocean and quite possibly permanently destroyed.

Naturally, in true Trini style, the memes have started and the while humorous mostly, they spell out in detail how some members of the population really regard the credibility of the police service. One that we saw claims that ‘Vene’s are much heavier than Trini’s’ while another states that they should of ‘gone to offload the boat at low tide’. And we’re sure that there are many more to come. The moral of the story, it appears, is that no one believes the yarn about an official investigation that led to the vehicle becoming stuck in the sand.

You may recall that a recent photo of another police vehicle underwater in what seemed to be a large drain drew a slew of funny memes, some implying that the police are doing better than the inter-island ferry that cannot seem to make it to Trinidad. Then there was the contentious matter of the dancehall singer sitting on a marked police van, glorifying the use of marijuana. The police however were quick to refute the validity of the video, suggesting that it was not a bona fide TTPS vehicle being depicted. And there are several more examples that we could cite where the authenticity and sincerity of our protective services were called into question over the use official government issued vehicles.

While the average user of social media would pass off these memes as amusement and not necessarily attacks on the police, the authority must view these instances with a greater sense of introspection and seriousness. We have iterated many a time of the aforementioned points, yet it seems as if it can never be overstated given the context of things in this country. Crime is rampant. Enough reason to erode confidence in the service, but these added yet avoidable occurrences not only degenerate their fragile standing further, but adds unwanted ridicule.

We wonder how much more the service can take before, like the unfortunate vehicle at Cedros, it sinks into a hole from which it cannot resurface.

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June 12th, 2018

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