Shivan R and “Ramsingh” looking forward to hitting the CSM stage

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Shivan R and “Ramsingh” looking forward to hitting the CSM stage

Shivan R and “Ramsingh” looking forward to hitting the CSM stage

Shivan R entered the Chutney Soca Monarch competition this year for the very first time ever.

And the last thing he expected was to make it through to the final.

The young artiste spoke with E-News today, and described the emotions that ran through him, when he found out that his song “Ah Doh Mind She” made it through.

Audio: Shivan R Final 09 02 17

The song is a collaboration with the Canadian based Slammer Cutter, and happened by chance.

According to Shivan, they ran into each other at a barbershop in Cumuto, and after a short freestyle, they knew they had to record a song.

And while Shivan is nervous at the prospect of performing in the final, it is a dream come true for him.

Audio: Shivan R Performance 09 02 17

Another finalist is Omardath Maraj, who has already performed on his fair share of CSM stages.

This year, he is one of the hot favourites, with “Ramsingh” actually finishing second behind Ravi B’s “Budget”, in the semi-final.

Omardath is looking forward to Saturday, with a sort of wise optimism.

Audio: Omardath CSM 09 02 17

Omardath is also one of two CSM finalists, competing in the World’s Ultimate Chutney Challenge.

He is there with his song “Ringbang” which he says is still well received by audiences.

He is also humbled to be included in this segment, alongside some true industry greats.

Audio: Omardath Ringbang 09 02 17

Also in awe of the veterans is 103FM’s Anil Bheem, whose band BMRZ, will provide music for most of those performing this Saturday.

Quite a few of the artistes for the Ultimate Chutney Challenge have stopped by his studio to rehearse.

Audio: Bheem CSM Performance 09 02 17

Anil Bheem.

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February 9th, 2017

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