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Scrap Iron dealers warned about buying stolen Petrotrin materials

Scrap Iron dealers warned about buying stolen Petrotrin materials

The Scrap Iron Dealers Association is warning its members not to purchase stolen materials from Petrotrin.

Its President Allan Ferguson claims that there are reports of items being stolen and sold to international buyers, but could not confirm whether any local scrap dealers have been faced with this issue.

He is pleading with his members though that if they are buying materials from Petrotrin to ensure the proper documentation for proof of purchase is shown.

Mr Ferguson believes if any local dealer if found with these stolen item, it could lead to the eventual shutdown of the industry.

AUDIO: Ferguson Shutdown 06 12 18

Mr Ferguson says he had a meeting with security officials from Petrotrin who informed him that 5 generators were stolen from the compound, and materials being sold to these international buyers.

He believes this could have some implications for the local industry if Government decides to stop exporting scrap iron.

AUDIO: Ferguson Implications 06 12 18

There are currently 68 scrap iron yards in T&T.

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December 6th, 2018

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