Saving Our Humanity in the Face of Crime

Saving Our Humanity in the Face of Crime

Crime is killing who we are as Trinbagonians. In the past, we here have always prided ourselves as being a warm, welcoming people. Trinis can get along with anyone, and rally around those in need. Lately though, some people have gone over to the dark side. The current crime situation shows just how much malice lives in the being of some citizens, as they rape, rob, and murder. The average citizen has generally tried to forge ahead, with many choosing to fight the scourge by still trying to help others. Two recent incidents however mean that less people are now likely to do so.

Recently, a 55 year old woman was brutally beaten by a young man that she prayed for and tried to help. The attack happened as she had her back turned, and in addition to insisting that she was going to die, the assailant also stole her money and cell-phone. Another recent incident saw an elderly man robbed, after he opened his home to a woman who knocked on his door, begging to use a washroom. The bandit relieved herself as well as the 71 year old man of a significant portion of his meagre pension allowance.

The worst of this country is slowly consuming the good that struggles to survive. When incidents like these happen, it makes people think twice about helping others in need. It makes us colder and less sympathetic. And it undoubtedly takes a sociopath to play the victim in order to prey on those with a soft heart.

Fellow Trinbagonians, it is a massive task to ask that you not let incidents such as these colour your actions. Self preservation is understandable. In fact, it is the order of the day: we must do what we have to, to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Who we are as a people will change because of crime. And it is doubtful that we will ever get back to the place we so warmly remember. What we do have to hope for, is that we don’t completely lose our sense of humanity. Exercise caution, yes. But do not completely rule out the chance to help someone in need.

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June 6th, 2018

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