Roses for Moses? No Way!

Roses for Moses? No Way!

Please, if there is a god above somewhere…help us understand, rather than  tolerate, the stupid, moronic abuse of language by our Foreign Affairs minister, Dennis Moses.

Where is he from? What have we done to deserve this imposition on our gentler sensibilities?

If you heard him on morning television a few days ago, or if you read (and make sure you do) the report of his rambling in the newspaper, you must ask yourself, as we have done, and are doing publicly again today…..why on earth would OUR Moses want to use the English language in the ancient style perhaps, of his Biblical namesake?

If the reports are true, we support the view that authoritative, uniformed figures at Piarco Airport are more often than not, full of themselves, assert unnecessary power, and are rude and obnoxious in their dealings with the public. We have written time and time again about these flagrant abuses of authority, by immigration officials, customs men and women, security guards, and even ground staff working for the various airlines.

But roses for MOSES? no way!

With his goofy-speak, which could not be understood even as Venezuelan Spanish,  maybe the security officer should have arrested him as an alien, trying to enter the country illegally through forbidden glass doors, rather than face the wrath of customs!

But bad jokes aside.

Is it possible that because of the way Minister Moses speaks and uses the English language, he is misunderstood by our frontline people representing us at overseas missions and embassies? Remember some months ago, a misunderstanding between the Foreign office in Port of Spain and the United Nations in New York caused us to vote against our dear friends in Dominica?

Minister Moses should seriously take stock of himself. Look in the mirror more than once. Ask himself if he is truly the reflection of an intelligent, modern, albeit small island nation…… struggling to compete with the giants of the world.

Or does he see, unfortunate representation of a nation of morons?

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December 6th, 2018

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