Respect The Uniform!

Respect The Uniform!

Citizens are split over the photo of a policewoman posing on a couch. The officer, dressed in her full uniform, is lying on the sofa, with one leg in the air. The setting is undetermined. Regardless, does that even really matter? The fact remains that this officer clearly has no respect for the uniform she wears.

Some citizens have criticized the attention given to this matter, arguing that the woman may have just been having fun with either co-workers or family, which is something we all do. As for the workplace aspect of that argument, it is debatable whether persons strike such poses while in the office. if they did, the vast majority of employers would deem that to be improper workplace behaviour.

Other citizens meanwhile believe the photos were put online to embarrass the officer. A valid argument. Shaming someone on social media is particularly brutal, since it reaches so many people so quickly. However the fact remains that the uniform was disrespected.

The T&T Police Service is already under scrutiny from citizens who believe officers aren’t serious about the job they do. This photo bolsters that belief. The uniform is not just something they wear to work. The uniform of a police officer symbolises their authority. In countries all across the world, emphasis is placed on respecting the uniform. This officer does not. Even if she was home, the fact remains that she chose to pose in a compromising position IN HER UNIFORM.

This is a matter that should not be tolerated. And it is a lesson for the police service to emphasize to existing officers and incoming recruits, that due respect is to be given to the uniform. This goes not just for officers posing in compromising positions, but also those officers who are behaving in an undisciplined manner, both male and female.

While it is natural for some to feel sympathy for the officer in light of the embarrassment she now faces, it is troubling that so many are willing to dismiss the real issue. Our police officers have powers that we do not. We expect them to be professional. We are not suggesting that she be blasted on social media. We do not believe in or condone people hurling digital abuse at others. But we do expect that improper behaviour not be tolerated.

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August 9th, 2017

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