ReMarkable – the digital writing device for paper lovers

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ReMarkable – the digital writing device for paper lovers

ReMarkable – the digital writing device for paper lovers

A Norwegian start-up is developing a digital paper tablet it hopes will appeal to “paper people”.

The device is called ReMarkable, and it is textured to feel like real paper.

The E-Ink screen isn’t made out of glass, but a more durable and fricative material that according to some tech writers, really does feel like writing on paper with a pen or pencil.

Even the sound is a scratching that mimics the experience of writing in real life.

The reMarkable stylus pen tip does wear down, however, and will need to be replaced from time to time, although the pen does conceal a spare tip hidden in the top of the pen.

The drawing app is robust, with a variety of pen types and weights, the ability to zoom in and out, and support for layers.

The company is also working on developing various preset templates for note taking, from a traditional college ruled notebook to a perspective grid for architectural drawings.

Along with drawing and writing, the reMarkable can display PDFs and EPUB files.

All files — including drawings — are automatically backed up to the cloud and accessible from a linked Mac or Windows app.

Drawings can also be shared live from a reMarkable tablet to show up on a computer screen, which is a neat feature for collaborative work.

The price though is hefty – reMarkable is planning to sell the tablet for a final price of US$529, and the pen will be sold separately, at least for now, for an additional US$79.

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May 31st, 2017

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