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Radical or ridiculous? LG unveils 8K TV

Radical or ridiculous? LG unveils 8K TV

Televisions have come a long way – they’re smarter and much more vivid than their ancestors.

But LG is taking things to another level with an expensive 88-inch OLED TV with an 8K resolution.

Most persons have been responding in awe at the lengths manufacturers are going now to be on top of the game.

However, some believe that LG is in a totally different game altogether with their latest announcement.

Some say they will remain with the more common 4K resolution, which is available now even on sites like Netflix.

In fact, one user on tech site The Verge sarcastically wrote, “yep. I am waiting for 100 inch 8k 144fps AMOLED with true-tone TV. It should also be able to bend space-time and generate a wormhole.”

However, others point out that LG could be onto something since there are plans by Japanese company NHK to broadcast the 2020 Olympics in 8K.

And the response on the quality of LG’s TV is already good – one user on The Verge said the screen looks like a high quality print.

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January 2nd, 2018

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