Put our labour to work!

Put our labour to work!

There was some welcoming news this week regarding agriculture, not in Trinidad, but in Tobago. We learned that 145 pounds of cocoa had been harvested by URP workers from several square miles of fields in the Roxborough area.

What’s good about this particular matter is that the beans will be supplied not only to local, but international chocolate producers. We know cocoa beans in Trinidad and Tobago are known for their fine flavour, and having that amount of beans harvested is something noteworthy.

What’s exciting from this, as well, is the proper use of our local labour to enhance the country’s abilities, away from the energy industry. In that case, our cocoa is internationally known, and ramping up its harvest for export is the way to go.

In Trinidad there are many areas were such situations can be applied, and the use of URP or CEPEP workers to ensure there is a revival of industries that can take us through. The ideas of using such workers for agriculture have been floated around, but no big moves are being made.

For years it has not been business as usual and we know that this country needs to enhance its output in some way or the other. We think it’s time to retool CEPEP workers and invest in their training, into the industries we believe can best benefit the country…and put them to work!

We continue to see many of these CEPEP personnel constantly working in areas that have no need for cleaning or clearing on a regular basis as they do. Their efforts are being wasted, as far as we are concerned. If they’re willing and able to be involved in the grind, they can assist in making the diversification efforts a reality.

If we’re not stagnant, we must be moving in circles, because there doesn’t seem to be any urgency, or meaningful action in developing our non-energy economy. Yes, there’s the Sandal’s move and building of a new Tobago terminal for tourism purposes…but what else?


May 4th, 2018

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