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President: lack of resources made choosing Procurement Board “challenging”

President: lack of resources made choosing Procurement Board “challenging”

President Anthony Carmona says a lack of resources and funding has made the work of his office challenging.

Today, he presented instruments of appointment to 10 members of the Procurement Board, which he believes will help to stamp out corrupt practices.

However he said finding these persons was no easy task, given the constraints.

Audio: Carmona Challenging 12 01 18

The Procurement Board will be chaired by former T&T Chamber President Moonilal Lalchan who will also serve as Procurement Regulator.

Speaking to reporters after the official ceremony, Mr Lalchan said the Board’s main mandate is to have less malpractice and more of good practice when it comes to procurement.

He also defended the Procurement Board saying as stated in the act, it has full powers to investigate or carry out audits of any organisation where public monies are spent.

Audio: Lalchan Investigate 12 01 18

An 11th member of the board will be sworn in next week, since that person is currently out of the country.


January 12th, 2018

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