President Carmona calls for genuine work ethic

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President Carmona calls for genuine work ethic

President Carmona calls for genuine work ethic

President Anthony Carmona is calling for a genuine work ethic that translates an honest day’s work into an honest day’s pay.

In his Labour Day message, His Excellency pointed out that the labour movement fought for the disadvantaged and marginalised working class.

That struggle he adds, must continue today.

He believes that much more needs to be done to improve labour and industrial practices, in order to attain international benchmark standards required of the employer-employee relationship.

He believes that T&T requires, now more than ever, a workforce made up of principled, ethical, dedicated and innovative people, who can raise our productivity levels and national income.

The President also reminded Trade Unions and their members of their responsibility.

He says while unions have a mandate to safeguard workers’ rights and working conditions’ workers themselves owe a duty of diligence to their employers in getting the job done efficiently, effectively and proactively.

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June 19th, 2017

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