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Political Games

Political Games

“Don’t be a UNC activist’s foot stool”. That quote came from Laventille West MP Fitzgerald Hinds, after fiery protests on Tuesday in the PNM stronghold of Morvant.

Disappointing doesn’t even begin to describe this comment. It continues what seems to be a trend, with Government officials writing off public dissent as having a political agenda. Some protests by parents of students at certain schools have been labelled as such, as was the recent protest on the day of an all-star cricket match at the Brian Lara Stadium. This attitude towards dissenting voices is important to note, as it hints strongly at the attitude of those in authority.

Writing off a protest in such a manner shows indifference. These were self-confessed PNM supporters voicing their dissatisfaction with several issues, including an improper water supply. In his response, Mr Hinds did say more than just the quote above. He called on young people in the area to adopt a better attitude in a bid to better themselves and their community. A very valid point. But, that is where the comment should have ended. Instead, Mr Hinds went on to politicize the protest, in order to, unsurprisingly, blame the Opposition.

Whether or not the Opposition is involved, is not relevant. We’re fed up with the political games being played by both sides. The fact remains that your own supporters, people backing your administration, decided that they had a reason to protest. Instead of seeking to blame another political entity, why not reach out to the dissenting group? The point of a protest is to seek attention. And ideally, every protest should be given fair attention by those in power, simply because the people are highlighting concerns.

These comments also serve to only deepen the political divide that exists in this country.  A Government’s purpose is not to lead as it wants, but to seek the interest of citizens, regardless of their political affiliation. If your citizens are happy, then there won’t be a reason to protest, will there?

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May 19th, 2017

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