Playing With Fire…Works

Playing With Fire…Works

The 103FM Editorial 02 01 18

The holidays have come and gone and we are again left to carry on with life as normal after all the partying and pomp are over and the celebratory dust has settled. We touched in previous Editorials on the issue of fireworks – the use of which draws much rebuff among quarters yet is an industry that ironically has grown exponentially over the years.
Fireworks safety is nothing to sneeze at. The obvious hazards to life and limb can never be understated, yet some treat with it like harmless toys. This is no new issue, either. Year after year, advocates have clamored for restrictions towards the use of fireworks or their ban altogether. And we have seen little to indicate anything is being done.
Many fireworks retailers would state that they are operating within the confines of the law in plying their trade. While this may be so, our issue here is with the legislation itself regarding the use of these potential hazards and with the law enforcement personnel who have claimed vociferously there will be a clampdown on their illegal use prior to the start of Christmas and even earlier for Divali.
We are not pushing for the abolition the use of fireworks, either. It can be a spectacular thing, a sight to behold. But how about transforming the approach with which we utilise fireworks? Fireworks are exhibitions all over the world, this is no secret. Instead of having illegal, annoying crackers at every corner or mini-displays from a random neighbour’s yard, how about displays within a safe, pre-approved environment where persons can attend in the masses? Take Divali Nagar Final Night or Independence Night fireworks for instance, albeit on a much smaller scale. If someone claims having a private display in their front yard is their own choice and it’s “their money”, we are asking: “how private is it really?” Such showiness is more than likely a nuisance to others that overshadows whatever glamour it tends to bring? The effect on animals too, is one that has been highlighted over and over again.
In order for any of this to happen though, the authorities have to actually work. Much has been said already but little has been done. It cannot be feasible by any stretch of the imagination to have a free for all, so to speak, yet the use of it is illegal in most parts.
No amount of promises which end up broken can ever help us move forward as a society. But as is with the aftermath of the fireworks, all we have right now is a bunch of hot air.

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January 3rd, 2018

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