A Day in the Life of Piarco

A Day In The Life Of

A Day in the Life of Piarco

A Day in the Life of Piarco


Piarco is synonymous with travel in Trinidad and Tobago and the reason is obvious: it is home to the Piarco International Airport.

The airport began its operations on January 8th 1931, and is now a major air transportation facility in the Caribbean.

Its growth in predominance as an aviation centre in the Caribbean is inextricably linked to the rich and colourful history of Trinidad and Tobago.

That’s because it opened this country up to the world and vice versa. The current airport is a state of the art facility, while the old airport has been transformed into vibrant office space.

And as home to the International Airport, Piarco is also quite understandably home to a few other major establishments.

Caribbean Airlines has its headquarters in the Iere House, Piarco, TTPost’s Head Office is located directly opposite the entrance to the Airport, while the Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago has its headquarters in the Airports Administration Centre, in the South Terminal.

Piarco though, is much more than the Airport. Piarco was previously the site of one of the few natural savannas in Trinidad and Tobago, the Piarco Savannah. Most of this Savannah land though has been incorporated into the airport.

The community of Oropune also dates back decades. It was always a quiet community, with development picking up pace over the last 10 years or so, with the establishment of several HDC housing complexes.

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Amrit Maharaj

June 15th, 2016

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