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Passenger ferries pulled from service; passengers to be flown to Tobago and back

Passenger ferries pulled from service; passengers to be flown to Tobago and back

From now until March 22nd, there will be no passenger ferry servicing the inter-island route.

The Port Authority has decided to suspend the operations of the passenger ferries until all outstanding works are completed.

The T&T Express has been the lone passenger vessel servicing the sea-bridge in the last few months, as the T&T Spirit was dry-docked for repairs.

The T&T Spirit was supposed to be placed back into service tomorrow, however the Port Authority says more works need to be done on it, and it is now expected to return on March 22nd.

Until then, 2,922 passengers are being accommodated on Caribbean Airlines flights, as previously done during the Carnival period.

This means passengers with confirmed tickets up to March 22nd will have to go directly to the Caribbean Airlines Domestic Counter on the confirmed date of travel to check in. This is being done at no cost to the confirmed ticket holder.

Also, the vehicles of passengers with confirmed tickets will be accommodated on the Cabo Star Cargo Ferry and all ticket holders will be shuttled via PTSC to the airport at no additional cost.

From tomorrow, the only tickets being sold by the Port Authority will be for the Cabo Star.

Caribbean Airlines says it is getting an additional aircraft specifically dedicated to the air bridge which will provide 1088 extra seats daily.

CAL adds that if persons wish to travel on a date that is different to the date on their confirmed ferry ticket, they may go to the Port and change the ferry ticket date there or purchase a Same Day Standby ticket from Caribbean Airlines.


March 12th, 2018

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