Our Customer Service Attitue – A National Disgrace


Our Customer Service Attitue – A National Disgrace

Our Customer Service Attitue – A National Disgrace

We enjoy reading articles on whatever topic, written by Dr. David Bratt. Today……we quote from his most recent, on the matter of customer service, and the terrible attitudes often displayed by those whose job it is to serve the public.

The medicine man says much of what you get in the public service sector is often repeated in the private one….particularly in our banks and hospitals. Dr. Bratt says the attitude is a “colonial” hand-me-down which no one has seriously attempted to change in the 55 years since Independence. He says the way banks treat the public is a national disgrace. And to have the head of one, recently quoted as saying that customer surveys always show a majority in favor of the banks, is a sign of total arrogance!

We were reminded of another man called Trevor Hosten who for many years has railed against the banks for their uncaring attitude to regular customers. Hosten once said “people get the banks they deserve, because Trinidadians are too complacent”. Dr Bratt agrees, and so do we…that until people come together to apply pressure to the people in charge…nothing will change.

Trinidad and Tobago is described as a country of sick little men and women, in hospitals, shops, banks, gyms, restaurants and public offices….all of whom are intent on holding on to their colonial trappings of jackets and ties, high heels etc., while the majority of citizens pour out of a warped education system. A system designed to have us look up to the big colonial boss behind a desk. Trappings that give little men and women the feeling that they are more than they are!

Strong, powerful words from a man who is trained to treat the sick!

But the goodly doctor pulls it all together by saying that he has recently noticed a politeness among young workers in government offices. And so have we. Recently, in the Port of Spain City Corporation offices, we were delighted to note that everyone, and we mean everyone…said good morning. It was a distraction of sorts, in that we had to stop what we were doing to return the greeting. But we love it.

Blessings all!

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June 2nd, 2017

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