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ODPM urges safety at crowded events

ODPM urges safety at crowded events

If you’re planning to venture out today and tomorrow, the ODPM believes you must remain vigilant.

It says, upon arrival at any large venue, look for exit signs in case of evacuation, agree with your group on a meeting point in case you become separated, take photos of everyone in the group, so that persons can remember everyone’s wardrobe – this could be helpful in the event you need to identify them to authorities for a lost-person report.

In case of stampede or mass-evacuation, the ODPM suggests you move with the crowd to avoid becoming trapped.

If you fall in a crowd, curl into a ball with your hands over your face to protect your face and internal organs.

It’s reminding you that the ODPM’s Customer Care Centre can be contacted in an emergency at 511, while the other emergency hotline numbers include TT Police Service: 999, TT Fire Service: 990 and Ambulance Service: 811.


February 12th, 2018

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