Top Cop clarifies announcement relating to air rifles, crossbows


    The TTPS is seeking to clarify a point about a recent announcement regarding the importation of crossbows, air rifles and air pistols.

    Previously, the Service said only registered firearm dealers would now permitted to import and retail these items, and that import licences previously granted to individuals were now null and void.

    This it added, was part of an effort to begin regulating such items.

    The TTPS says the Office of the Police Commissioner will be making a recommendation to the Comptroller of Customs and Excise Division, to have crossbows, air rifles and air pistols placed on either the Prohibited or Restricted List of Goods.

    In the interim, the Top Cop is overhauling policies as it relates to acquisition and retention of these items, in an effort to ensure accountability by the persons who own them.