Special Report: Curepe family faced with removal from property due to Curepe Interchange


    For decades, 53 year old Rajindra Maharaj and his family have been occupying their property at LP#52 Southern Main Road, Curepe.

    Now, his family of five is facing removal to make way for the Curepe Interchange project.

    Rajindra’s relatives are just one of the many households who will be served warrants as the State moves to acquire their land.

    Yesterday, a Works Ministry official announced that they will be putting some residents of the area “out of possession of their properties” after they could not reach an amicable agreement.

    Rajindra is adamant that none of the residents to be served warrants are opposed to moving – but they want to be paid what they believe are fair prices for their properties.

    And the Maharaj’s house has sentimental value too.

    It has seen three generations of his family grow and it has also been their form of income with two businesses attached – a mini mart and poultry depot, which opened in the 1980s.

    Rajindra’s father, who passed away some years ago, was a farmer and the businesses helped them pay their bills.

    Rajindra, who himself lives at another property, claims they are being shortchanged by the State.

    The price, he believes is also affected by a demand allegedly made when notice was served that the land would be acquired.

    Mr. Maharaj says they left with one option – accept what the State is offering.

    Rajindra believes his family will still have to wait some time before they can get the money from Government.

    In the interim, they have no idea where they will live next.