Rondon: Sangre Grande Experimental Traffic plan scrapped


    Sangre Grande Chairman Terry Rondon is apologizing to motorists in the area for the failed traffic plan that was implemented.

    The experimental traffic plan went into effect from February 25th and involved a one way on the Eastern Main Road and Railway Road from 6am to 9am and again from 2pm to 6pm.

    However, motorists have been complaining that the plan led to horrendous traffic to get in and out of Sangre Grande, taking an hour in some instances.

    Speaking to 103.1FM News, Mr Rondon says he takes full responsibility for the failed plan, and assures that the plan has been scraped as of 9am this morning.

    Mr Rondon believes the failure was due the poor state of roadway in some areas, and a narrow roadway on Railway Road, commonly known as the ‘Train Line’.

    He assures though that before any future traffic plan is implemented, the road structure must be improved, including widening all side streets and Railway Road.

    Mr Rondon says after hearing complaints from motorists over the past few days, the decision was taken to inform the relevant authorities to scrap the experimental plan.