No Magistrate to hear murder case, suspect to re-appear tomorrow


    43 year old Dominic Guevarra will reappear in the Magistrate’s tomorrow, as no Magistrate was present in the Sangre Grande Court today to hear his case.

    Guevarra is accused of killing his wife, Margaret Ragoobar-Guevarra, at their home in Jarasingh Village, Sangre Grande on February 26th 2018.

    Guevarra survived a shotgun blast to the face and remained hospitalized for over a year.

    He was taken into custody after being discharged on Monday.

    According to the Newsday, a Justice of the Peace listened to his attorney as she applied for him to be remanded to the St Ann’s Psychiatric Hospital for evaluation.

    He was remanded in custody after the JP said the matter would be decided when the Magistrate returned.