Local Government Minister calls for better cemetery maintenance

    Minister Kazim Hosein at the Streatham Lodge Cemetery (Photo Credit: Ministry of Local Government)

    Local Government Minister Kazim Hosein is calling on the 14 Municipal Corporations to “put their house in order” and ensure a level of care and maintenance at cemeteries and public spaces.

    The Minister recently visited a number of cemeteries across the country, and according to him, they are overgrown and littered with garbage.

    He adds that while some are in need of basic painting and fencing, most are unsightly and show a lack of proper maintenance with grass up to 10 feet high.

    According to the Minister, every Corporation has workers who are employed for the purpose of maintaining cemeteries, so this work should not be given out to contractors.

    He also insists that each Corporation receives an allocation in its recurrent expenditure for the maintenance of cemeteries and the payment of workers assigned to these areas.

    The Minister says that general maintenance of public spaces should also be a priority – from the cutting of grass and the collection of garbage, to the repair of fencing and walls.