Fake T&TEC story being circulated on WhatsApp


    T&TEC says it has not issued any messages regarding cell phone chargers being the cause of house fires.

    Alleged to be from the Commission, a message circulating on WhatsApp is warning homeowners to unplug their chargers when not in use because three houses have burnt down as a result.

    In a statement this morning, T&TEC makes it clear that it has not issued any notices in that regard.

    However, it urges the public to periodically check wires and plugs on all electrical appliances, as loose, old or frayed electrical wires can lead to a fire.

    T&TEC is reminding persons that any charging device not in use, but left plugged in, still utilizes electricity.

    It says unplugging such devices would not only conserve electricity but also reduce your bill amount and save natural gas.