Coca-Cola used 3 million tonnes of plastic packaging in one year


    Coca-Cola has revealed that it used three million tones of plastic packaging in one year.

    But the company has said that it is committed towards making all of its packaging recyclable worldwide.

    The statistics were revealed as part of a report by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation which is accelerating the agenda for businesses and Governments to do more to tackle plastic pollution.

    In 2018 Coca-Cola announced a pledge to recycle a used bottle or can for each one the company sells by 2030.

    The global company markets over 500 brands of fizzy drink, juices and water.

    Several other companies have been committing to being more ‘green’ after more concerns about plastic waste on the environment.

    Plastic pollution has been a continuing issue worldwide

    Overall, 150 companies are pledging to reduce their plastic usage which is part of the campaign.

    The report also revealed the annual plastic usage of 31 companies including Nestle` (1.7m tonnes), Colgate (287,008 tonnes), Unilever (610,000 tonnes) and Burberry (200 tonnes).

    Nestle` notably got rid of plastic straws from its products in February 2019 and using paper ones.

    But several companies including Pepsi, L’Oreal and H&M are yet to reveal their plastic usage.

    Source: BBC News