Work underway to improve Maracas Beach

    (Randall Mitchell, Minister of Tourism, Mr. Shivanand Ramoutar, Facilities Manager, UDeCOTT and Ms. Alisha Romano, Manager, Strategic Business Unit, UDeCOTT conduct site visit at the Maracas Beach Facility as remedial works begin)

    Udecott has officially taken over administration and management of the facilities at Maracas Beach and the Tourism Minister is confident that things will improve.

    According to the Tourism Ministry, a Facilities Management Contract was signed between the Ministry and Udecott on December 24th 2018.

    The Contract provides for Udecott to be responsible for:

    • Oversight of grounds maintenance

    • Oversight of vendors

    • Oversight of existing and improvement of security services

    • General events management

    • Landscaping

    • Garbage removal

    Today, Minister Randall Mitchell visited the beach to view the company’s work thus far.

    He is confident that restoration and upgrades to the beach facilities will be completed to the satisfaction of all and says he is happy with the quality of work that has already been done.

    The Ministry says work is currently underway to clean the beach by removing debris such as fallen branches and exposed steel and concrete from prior construction.

    The sand on the beach will also be levelled to determine the areas that require additional sand.