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Munroe Road Cricket Club hosting annual Divali celebrations on Saturday

Munroe Road Cricket Club hosting annual Divali celebrations on Saturday

The Munroe Road Cricket Club will be holding its annual Divali celebrations on Saturday.

President of the Cricket Club Manohar Ramsaran says the team has been holding this annual event for more than 15 years.

It will again take place at the Munroe Road Cricket Ground.

Pooja starts at 6pm, followed by a cultural show and Mr Ramsaran says a number of artistes are carded to perform such as Kamroon Ali and Amina Ramsaran.

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“What we did we put together most of the artistes from yesteryear. Older folks would have enjoyed like Kamroon Ali, Amina Ramsaran, Vishnu Browne just to name a few. Then we have some young artistes as well as dance items. We also have persons from the Munroe Road Hindu School who will be performing. And then we have many dancers who have come forward to perform. So it’s really a cultural show.”

Mr Ramsaran meanwhile is encouraging persons coming to the event to bring any relief items they can.

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“Luckily Munroe Road itself, flooding was very minimal. We are next to the flooded areas but for some reason Munroe Road got away this time. We will ask people who have not yet donated in any way, they could feel free to come to the event and walk with some tin food items etc. We discussed that last night, so we’re going to put it into place.”

Parking for the event will be situated on the carpark area of the ground, and additional parking will be available at the Munroe Road Government School nearby.

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October 24th, 2018

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