Misallocation In Guava Season

Misallocation In Guava Season

In instances where one’s finances dwindle for one reason or the other, we imagine the right thinking individual having tough decisions to make. Cuts on non-priority and luxury items would most likely occur first, with spending on the essentials taking the highest priority. The excess income, if any, may be used for the not-so-important spending. Thus, we begin today’s Editorial with this analogy, likening an individual’s fiscal management to that of a Government managing an economy.

Our economy is in a recession. There are no two ways about that. Why then, do we continuously see misallocation of spending on such a regular basis? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that funds from the public purse are not being allocated to the most important, critical areas of the economy as well as they should. These areas constitute the fabric of and are the foundations by which our society rests and grows. Why then does it seem that the misappropriation of monies and the absence of prudent spending continues unabated?

Case in point, you would have heard on air and seen on our social media of protests that took place last Tuesday in Penal. Protests that were deemed necessary because students of the St Dominic’s RC School still do not have proper infrastructure or anything near a functioning school. In fact, students have been forced to attend classes at the nearby ST Dominic’s Parish Hall and the community centre for the past year. The conditions these temporary shelters offer too, are not conducive to learning. The frustration of the parents was visible and we are appalled that the students have endured this for that long. In addition, they are required to cross the busy main road without the presence of police, traffic wardens or crossing guards. This is totally unacceptable in our eyes.

Why has this problem been allowed to persist for this long? How many other schools are there across the country with similar or even worse problems? At the beginning of the last two new school terms, we’ve seen the Minister of Education come forth,  proudly declaring school repairs went according to schedule during the holiday period. Well kudos Mr. Minister, but what about the schools like St Dominic’s that clearly have not even basic amenities or infrastructure? Have they snuck under the radar or are they at the bottom of your priority list?

We see grand, untimely plans to build highways to Toco and other areas and the initiation of the multi-million dollar Curepe interchange, while the new Curepe Presbyterian School building lays idle for over two years. Couldn’t these have been undertaken at a more fruitful economic time, when our financial fortitude allows it? Or do we have to burn tyres and block roads every time we want something done? Come on, Mr. Prime Minister, stop fattening the cows while the sheep die of hunger.

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January 31st, 2018

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