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Minister defends school indiscipline stats

Minister defends school indiscipline stats

The Education Minister has dismissed allegations that attempts are being made to hide or skew statistics relating to school indiscipline.

The Ministry recently presented figures showing a decline in the number of student suspensions, and a reduction in the number of violent incidents in schools.

TTUTA President Lynsley Doodhai however alluded to a cover-up, saying there have been claims by teachers, that some students are not being suspended or penalised as they should for infractions.

When asked about this claim today, the Minister issued a clear denial, saying no instructions of any kind were given to cover-up or manipulate the statistics.

And he was backed by President of the National Primary Schools Principals Association, Cogland Griffith.

Audio: Griffith Backs 19 04 17

Instead, Mr Griffith believes social media is to blame for the false impression of school violence.

Audio: Griffith False Impression 19 04 17


April 19th, 2017

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