Media Fueled Nonsense

Media Fueled Nonsense

We find it really difficult to understand WHY two newspapers and a small section of the population are criticizing the President for changing the date of the National Awards from Independence to Republic Day.

They claim that not enough national consultation was given to the decision. But in fact, the Prime Minister was consulted, and although he is yet to say anything about the change, we assume that he agrees, and would have informed his Cabinet colleagues.

One newspaper suggests shifting the date of the National Awards ceremony is a profoundly important and symbolic matter which should have been determined by all the people of Trinidad ad Tobago. WHY? Because it will affect the program planned to observe Independence, and possibly tarnish the impact of the Awards.

What foolishness!

Did the national population of a million plus three or four hundred thousand people plan the original program 55 years ago? Why would having the Awards on Republic Day be any less important and symbolic than on Independence Day?

It is times and occasions like these when we really wish we could convince our media colleagues to shut up, rather than contribute to the silly, loud noises which relentlessly drown the brief tranquil periods of Trini life.

Another paper, although welcoming it, describes the shift of the National Awards date as “roving awards”…..insisting it should not be a roving event.

This opinion claims that by his action, President Carmona has created conditions for a cloud of gloom to hang over the heads of people who may receive National Awards this year in September on Republic Day, instead of Independence day on August 31st……a matter of three weeks later than in the past, and a period in which controversy will reign.

Again we say, foolishness.


If controversy reigns, media stupidity would have started it.

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August 2nd, 2017

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