Local Film Industry

Local Film Industry

Every time a Hollywood film is released, Trinis flock to cinemas. And that’s fine, because these movies are usually excellent productions. The problem is, these lines are rarely seen for local movies, even though the film industry in T&T is top of the line.

This nation has produced award winning shows. This year alone, a local film called The Cutlass won the People’s Choice award at the T&T Film Festival. Winning even more awards was a movie from 2015 called Trafficked. Some other movies that come to mind are The Mystic Masseur from 2001 based on VS Naipaul’s book, Sista God from 2006, directed by Yao Ramesar and BIM from 1974 by Raoul Pantin. All are great movies.

But don’t take our word for it – rating site IMDb gave The Cutlass 7.6 out of 10. By comparison, Wonder Woman got 7.8 and Spiderman Homecoming got 7.9 – the local film is holding its own.

Sista God got a 7 in 2006. Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man’s Chest, which came out that year as well, got a 7.3 rating. BIM, considered a pioneering film, got 8.3. By comparison, one of the best films of 1974 in the US “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” managed just 7.5.

What these folks in Hollywood do better is the marketing of the film. But, usually, that costs a lot and can’t always be matched by the local industry. That’s where everyone else comes in – cinemas, businesses, Government, citizens and the media can do much more to help the local film industry blossom into something bigger and better.

And maybe that chance to help is closer than we think. On the 28th of September Green Days by the River, based on local author Michael Anthony’s book, is being released.

It’s time we support our own just as much as we support the stars of Hollywood!

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September 13th, 2017

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