Let’s Pave This!

Let’s Pave This!

Two days ago, the Ministry of Works and Transport, through the arm of its Highways Division began what it called an accelerated initiative to patch potholes in all districts of Trinidad.

The move we understand would help alleviate the stresses faced by motorists on a daily basis, and today we ask: Why now? For years the motoring public has been complaining of bad roads, in every stretch of the island.

The potholes may be little, but sometimes the damage to vehicles is extensive. A video currently circulating on social media shows a concerned motorist video recording a pothole along the Caroni South Bank Road which he said left multiple drivers changing tyres due to its depth and impact. The situation is no different in many areas. The rough roads make it a hassle for motorists to maneuver, when drivers encounter these routes every day of the week, it is frustrating.

We’ve noticed that for years, the Golden Grove Road between the Piarco Roundabout and the St. Helen Bypass Road has been deplorable. This roadway is probably the first piece of infrastructure visitors to our island have to face when leaving the Piarco Airport and it’s shameful to have left that stretch the way it is.

What we’re hoping to see from the new Ministry project a targeting of the major potholes, no matter where they are located, rural or urban. The Ministry says within the next two weeks, 240 kilometers of roads with potholes will be patched on roads falling under the purview of the Ministry, not those under the Local Government’s watch. So even when this is completed, we know there is still more to be done, and many areas would still need patching up.

The Works and Local Government Ministries need to quickly outline a priority plan for paving works to cover more areas. It’s been a new custom for concerned villagers to pool up their own funds, time and effort to patch potholes in their own communities, due to the lack of action by those involved.

We applaud their efforts, but the situation does not have to lead to this. There are entities responsible for fixing roads, and they should take charge when it matters the most. Come on, let’s pave this.

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December 3rd, 2018

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