KI and Ravi B fancy their chances at the CSM 2017 Finals

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KI and Ravi B fancy their chances at the CSM 2017 Finals

KI and Ravi B fancy their chances at the CSM 2017 Finals

“The best performance yet…”

That is what many expect from reigning Chutney Soca Monarch KI tomorrow, and that is what he says he is going to deliver.

The young veteran is looking to retain his title this year, and he stands a very good chance of doing so. ENews spoke with the reigning monarch, and tried to get something, anything out of him regarding his planned performance tomorrow.

KI Performance 10 02 17

And KI is known for going big when it comes to the CSM, from the horse he once rode onto the stage, to being suspended from the rafters. As for the World’s Ultimate Chutney Challenge, he just couldn’t single out a favourite.

KI Ultimate Chutney Challenge 10 02 17

Ravi B however could.

While he loves all of the songs in the Challenge, he does have a certain affinity for one.

Ravi B Challenge 10 02 17

Ravi and Rikki have collaborated in the past, most recently in 2015, when they entered the CSM as a duo and swept the Chutney Soca and Traditional Chutney categories.

Ravi is solo in the competition this time around, but he is a hot favourite. His song “Budget” finished first in the semi-finals, and he is loving his chances come tomorrow.

The video for the song was released yesterday and Ravi shows off his acting chops in it. So we asked him: is a proper acting project on the cards for the future?

Ravi B Acting 10 02 17

The Chutney Soca Monarch finals are tomorrow, and according to Southex CEO George Singh, there will be a special opening act.

George Opening Performance 10 02 17

The format will also be as follows.

George Format 10 02 17

The very first performer in the competition will be Sam Boodram, while the last will be KI.

For full details, go to or check out the 103FM Facebook page.

The CSM finals will be aired live on the airwaves of 103FM, and Southex will also be streaming live on social media.


February 10th, 2017

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