Is This What They Meant By ‘Bringing Out The Big Guns’?


Is This What They Meant By ‘Bringing Out The Big Guns’?

Is This What They Meant By ‘Bringing Out The Big Guns’?

Can we ever get a straight answer for anything these days? Seems not, especially when it comes to matters of national importance and public concern. We’ve said many times that the intelligence of the populace is continuously being insulted, and well, here we go again. Clearing the air on why the Attorney General’s children were photographed posing with firearms belonging to the Army, high-powered assault-type rifles to boot, is one of jumping from the proverbial pot to the fire.

Al-Rawi vindicated himself from the issue and stated it was clear that he had nothing to answer in relation to queries made about his children handling weapons at the army base. He maintained that he attended on the invitation of the army, contrary to allegations otherwise.

In response to further queries made under the Freedom of Information Act by Opposition Senator Wayne Sturge, the eventual report submitted by the T&T Defence Force stated that Major General Kenrick Maharaj arranged everything and it was under his purview the act was sanctioned. Lo and behold, the former Major General came out to state in no uncertain terms that he was in no way responsible. So now we have the former Commander saying he did nothing of the sort, stating further that he was not even consulted for his input regarding the issue. So who are we to believe? Why can’t a straightforward disclosure be made? Aren’t there protocols to be followed? We’re sure that the children of the AG didn’t just walk into Camp Cumuto and pick up high powered rifles without detection nor consent.

So how has the AG been cleared wholly of all this? Is the former Major General being used as merely a scapegoat for yet another issue to the swept under the carpet and into oblivion? We can’t say for sure but that is how it seems. If there was any urgency to maintain or bring clarity to the wider population, wouldn’t the entire report been revealed? Or even statements that make sense and not contradict each other? It seems like the people of this country will never have the satisfaction of having an issue resolved through to the expected and justifiable outcome.

In a society where there is seemingly little confidence in the State to manage the nation’s affairs and arguably even smaller faith in the protective services, here we have an contentious scenario that meshes both and proves what we believe all along.

We have gotten promises from the new regime that implied they were bringing out the big guns and meant business. Little did we know that this is probably what they meant.

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June 8th, 2017

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