Indian Arrival play “Takdir” opens tomorrow for schools

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Indian Arrival play “Takdir” opens tomorrow for schools

Indian Arrival play “Takdir” opens tomorrow for schools

How often do we think about our ancestors and the trials and tribulations they faced?

Well, one theatre group is hoping take persons back over 100 years, in a play based on what they call “the greatest true love story of Indian Arrival” to be shown at the SAPA in San Fernando.

It’s called Takdir and is being produced by Iere Theatre Productions Limited, the same team that produced “Sundar” about the life of Sundar Popo.

We spoke with the theatre’s artistic director and writer of Takdir, Victor Edwards, who explained the play’s premise.

AUDIO: Edwards Takdir

Mr. Edwards said the cast and crew have been working diligently to have everything in place for the first show tomorrow.

AUDIO: Edwards Takdir Cast

Shows at 9am tomorrow and Friday are being held for schools ahead of the Gala opening show at 8 o’clock on Friday night.

The Gala ceremony starts at 7:15pm and a ticket costs $200.

On Saturday, there is an 8pm show, while on Sunday there’s a 7pm show – tickets go for $150.

You can buy your ticket at Books Etc and Browwwsers in San Fernando, Elle Fashion in Gulf City Mall, MS Food City in Debe, the SAPA Box Office and Nigel R Khan outlets at Mid Centre Mall, Pricesmart La Romaine, Price Plaza, Henry Street in Port of Spain, Trincity Mall and South Park.

For more information, you can call 724-7041 or 788-3358.

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May 24th, 2017

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