Immigration Forms


Immigration Forms

Immigration Forms

Today we take a look at the immigration forms citizens and visitors have to fill out before entering this country. The long form, which asks for persons’ travel document information and personal information, also has a second form attached to it to be handed to Customs.

In 2015, the Government had announced its intention to amend the immigration regulations to eliminate the need for T&T nationals to fill out this declaration form. That was a welcomed move, but it never happened even though Cabinet at the time agreed to it, and months later there was a new Government in place.

But, considering the lines and customer service issues that have been discussed in the public domain regarding immigration at the Piarco International Airport, these forms would play a significant role in improving these.

For citizens, standing in these long lines, especially when several flights arrive at the same time can cause frustration and anger among those returning passengers. If the elimination of the immigration forms for citizens can help make the process smoother, then why is it not being considered by the present administration?

Just recently at the Arthur Lok Jak Graduate School of Business Distinguished Leadership Conference, a Global Strategist questioned this very process of immigration forms, showing concern for tourists, who he said considers things like these when choosing countries to visit. He visited in the low season and wondered what life would be like if he even entered in the peak tourist season.

In entering any country, the forms and even lines are there, but the system is not always “tedious, cumbersome and burdensome” as described by a former Trade Minister, when describing the local process.

For now though, citizens remain in the thick of things and still face those long lines when returning from abroad at the Piarco International Airport.

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June 12th, 2017

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