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Iere Theatre presenting play on the Temple in the Sea

Iere Theatre presenting play on the Temple in the Sea

A local theatre group is putting together a fantastic play, fusing history and music into a wonderful production.

Iere Theatre Productions Limited is presenting Temple in the Sea, a tribute to Siewdass Sadhu, the man who built the structure in Waterloo.

103FM caught up a few of the persons behind the play, which will show at the Southern Academy for the Performing Arts.

Kieran Sankar is the part of the musical team at Iere and says, even though the play was created decades ago, this version isn’t like the others.

AUDIO: Sankar Temple Play

Speaking of ingredients, music is a crucial one, according to vocalist Abhijit Anchortassoo.

AUDIO: Anchortassoo Music

Another musician, Srishti Ramdass, outlines the showing times for the play.

AUDIO: Ramdass Times

And finally, Vandana Tulsie, another singer from the theatre, runs through the ticket outlets.

AUDIO: Tulsie Outlets

You can also visit Iere Theatre Productions Limited where, via a message, you can reserve tickets which you can then pick up at the venue, SAPA, before the show.

Useful links: 

Event Page – https://www.facebook.com/events/2106541706249670/

Iere Theatre Productions Limited – https://www.facebook.com/IereTheatreProductionsLtd/


May 9th, 2018

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