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Huawei promises foldable phone by 2019

Huawei promises foldable phone by 2019

Huawei is planning to launch a smartphone with a fold-out screen within a year.

The firm’s chief executive Richard Yu said that Huawei was “already working on it”.

Earlier this month, an executive at Huawei’s South Korean rival Samsung said it was time for his company to deliver a foldable smartphone.

One analyst said the commercial appeal of foldable displays was unclear.

The recent developments suggest close competition between Huawei and Samsung, both of which are aiming to become the first smartphone maker to release a device with a flexible display of some kind.

“The industry is very close now to foldable phones becoming a commercial reality,” said Ben Stanton, at market research firm Canalys.

However, he added that he was not sure Mr Yu’s idea of replacing computers with smartphones that have fold-out screens would appeal to many consumers.


September 13th, 2018

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