Hitching A Ride


Hitching A Ride

Hitching A Ride

We’re in 2017, the national bus service has been in operation for decades and it’s no secret that thousands of citizens seek transportation on a daily basis to get around. At the same time, the Public Transport Service Corporation, one of the main modes of transportation in the country seems to be unable to get it right.

Earlier this week, the Chairman of PTSC told a Joint Select Committee of Parliament that the company is woefully short of buses and unable to satisfy the needs of customers.

But, why though? It’s not as if there has been a sudden spike in demand from the commuting public and given the increased number of private vehicles on the road, we would think the number of travelling citizens would have decreased.

Hearing the issues that the PTSC has at this time, which include the operation of buses older than they’re supposed to be running and having a fleet with about 26 different models, makes it a headache to even wonder how they manage just over 340 buses.

But anyone travelling with PTSC vehicles would paint a picture of a service that is not always on time, creating additional problems for those who seek this cheaper mode of transport.

While there are the various maxi taxi routes, and legitimate taxi routes, there remain the areas, especially in the rural parts of the country that are serviced by PH taxis, or not serviced properly at all.

The PH cars remain on the roadways, and while illegal, commuters have no choice but to seek their services. We have come too far to still have an inadequate service and unable to provide proper, legal transport for citizens. And those in charge sit back and continue to do far too little to assist.

PTSC, we know is unprofitable, and gets funded by the state. What if the corporation’s operations are passed on to the private sector? Maybe there’ll be an increased effort to have a high standard service, and something the public can depend on, regardless of the day or time.

It’s worth a thought.


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June 14th, 2017

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