Help Us Rise Rather Than Hold Us Down

Help Us Rise Rather Than Hold Us Down

Editorials have been written, letters sent to newspapers, and the talkshows on radio and television all have had their say. The Topic? Ancil Roget’s call for a boycott of what he calls “ the one percent of money and power in this country.

Headlined “dare to dream” a fellow called Simon Wright suggested that rather than call for a boycott, it would be more productive to study and emulate the principles of success. A wake up call he says for the nation in the midst of a corrupt and barbaric society.

Gary Aboud says, success is not a crime….and trade unions should be looking at the serious issues facing the nation. The American Chamber of Commerce condemned Roget’s words as divisive, saying the country needs leaders who seek solutions to challenges instead of promoting specific agendas. The Joint Trade Union Movement claims the boycott call is not about race or business success BUT about business people refusing to share the burden of adjustment facing the country. The Movement says Gary Aboud’s view of success did not take into account workers contributions to the success of those businesses. Another quote from an editorial in a local paper describes Roget’s call as “irresponsible and reckless”. The paper says if Roget feels it is wrong for a small proportion of people to control the nation’s purse-strings, then it is equally unsatisfactory for a small group of trade unions to be always threatening to shut down the country.

Lets say upfront that we share all the negative views of Ancil Roget’s recent statements. He and his union are simply out of touch with today’s world reality, and more so the Trinidad/Tobago reality.

However, more than anything else today, we champion the words of Carla Cupid writing in her letter to the Express. She says Roget’s statements are misguided and unfortunate. While noting that Indians are also successful business people, she asks “why can’t Unions encourage entrepreneurship among their members, and the rest of the population? Why not make us aware of the hard work, dedication and commitment needed for success? Help us improve workplace productivity. Carla says help us to improve ourselves, to join the one percent…rather than always pounding the pavements, slapping cards under a tent while cooking a Pelau.

Yes people……Carla is true trini love!

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August 11th, 2017

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