Have We Lost Our Sense of Humour?


Have We Lost Our Sense of Humour?

Have We Lost Our Sense of Humour?

Many incidents, episodes, and anecdotes crop up from time to time, and have done so over the past fifty or more years, to suggest and confirm that we as a people have lost an important part of our  culture. Culture here determined as the very essence of our being.

Have we lost our sense of humour?

The ability to have a great big belly laugh at ourselves. Humor here determined as all embracing tolerance, self-recognition, a sense of humor which helped us define ourselves as a people and a nation.

And rather than cry, we revel in it…adding to the fuel that has crippled us as a people, and driven us down the road of poverty ……..poverty of ideas and poverty of spirit that is.

There was a newspaper editorial earlier this week which reminded us of our loss. It was really addressing the issue of the calypsonian’s use of poetic license, and his historic place in our cultural schematic. Like our writers and other artists over the years, the calypsonian craves us not to hang ourselves on a sense of false pride and seriousness to the extent that we lose our ability to be tolerant of others, to laugh at, and with them, and to laugh at ourselves.

And now all this is wrapped up in questions of respect or lack of it for institutions, religions, related symbols, and individuals. Increasingly, these institutions and its representatives are demonstrating what some say is over-sensitivity, a thin-skinned approach to civility, societal harmony and democracy.

Perhaps we ought to be patching and strengthening the chinks in our institutional armour, rather than so easily taking offense to light or heavy hearted criticism, carnival displays or commentary,  even downright……. Simply………telling it like it is!

But then this editorial today of course, assumes that we ever had a cohesive, thread of common humor, forged as we are from a truly mixed bag of peoples and cultures.

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March 9th, 2017

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