Have Hope Without Any Plan?

Have Hope Without Any Plan?

The 103FM Editorial 09 01 18

Much can be made of the Prime Minister’s address to the nation on Sunday evening. While admitting the country has serious problems at hand – crime and the economy immediately come to mind – he made a plea of sorts to stay strong and be hopeful, indirectly conveying that his Government will steer us out of the storm sooner rather than later, or as some have forecasted, never. The PM empathised with Joe public and sought to allay their fears, or at least deter its continued growth.

During a delivery marinated in reassurances, perhaps the only tangible solution offered during his address was the proposed acquisition of a new vessel to service the inter-island sea bridge after a series of unsuccessful tendering processes. While there seemed to be confidence in this boat’s earmarking as the next sea carrier between islands, we are waiting with bated breath to see what ensues. After the debacles regarding the Cabo Star and Ocean Flower, it would take a lot this time around to put the public’s fears at ease.

While serious crimes continue to be on the steep incline, no one would have predicted that roughly half a dozen killings one day into the new year, nor 20 in the first 8 days. The PM vehemently stated “we must and will win this war on crime”. We certainly do not want to make a mockery of his rallying cry and proposed onward charge, but we know the time for talk has passed a while now. And while we genuinely wish that Government has a plan to get us out of this rut we are in as a country, let’s be real. How many times have we heard the same babble with little to show for it? No amount of fancy statistics from previous years to validate efficiency is acceptable anymore. Let’s get serious.

The economic slant our country is facing was rightly pulled to the forefront as one of the key issues that needs attention. But we are curious. Are we waiting for oil and gas prices to somehow shoot upwards and miraculously carry us to greener pastures? Where is the plan for the future other than our archaic dependency on the petrochemical sector? Our frail economy and the frustration it spreads to the citizens is the root from which all our problems stem. And unconvincing PR stunts do nothing to persuade us that we are set for recovery.

We want to see the results of the plan by Government manifest itself in our daily lives. Like when we can walk out the road without fear, when the economic mess stops spiralling downwards, or when we can pick up a black and white newspaper and not one that’s bloodied red. Only then Mr. PM, would we be hopeful of anything.

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January 9th, 2018

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