GPS and Police Accountability

GPS and Police Accountability

We’ve long awaited the day when the police service itself is being policed…giving a whisper of hope to citizens that is so desperately needed in these times. What we’re speaking on today specifically, is the move by Police Commissioner Gary Griffith to put a system in place to track the use of official marked police vehicles.

A concerned citizen just recently sent us a message filled with much dislike for the practice of police,weaving their vehicles through thick traffic, and thenswitching off their sirens and lights when the coast is clear.

This is a concern shared by almost all road users, who usually wonder if the police take advantage of their privileges. Yes, we know there is important work to be done, criminals to catch and the police response time is critical. But, can the police themselves abuse the power that they are afforded?

Yes! How do we know? Well, just last week, two brand new police SUVs were involved in a three way crash involving a panel van. Luckily, Mr. Griffith insisted these vehicles are outfitted with GPS and other technologies to instantly know how fast these vehicles were going, and where they were at all times.

Turns out, the police vehicle involved was being driven at a speed of 140 KPH on the highway and then 89 KPH on a secondary road just prior to impact. They were not event responding to any distress call. This has led to the officers being investigated and debarred from operating police vehicles.
Now, that is accountability that we’ve never seen in this country and it’s something that is sorely needed! A matter like this may seem small, but it’s a giant step towards citizens having confidence in the police service once again. This confidence can lead to persons being more willing to help police solve crimes and deal with criminality.
Now we have some admittance from the police service about this abuse, we must wonderwhat other privileges are being abused? Mr. Griffith, you’re moving in the right direction and we welcome your interventions and quick action.
We, the people have for too long demanded action, and through these little moves, they are being felt all around…in a good way. We want to feel safe, we want to know that our officers are there to protect us, and not serve themselves first.

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November 27th, 2018

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