Tech Today: Google & Levi’s launch the ‘smart’ denim jacket

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Tech Today: Google & Levi’s launch the ‘smart’ denim jacket

Tech Today: Google & Levi’s launch the ‘smart’ denim jacket

For those times when a swipe of the smartphone or smartwatch won’t cut it, Google and clothing giant Levi’s want you to consider the “smart” denim jacket.

Initially announced in 2015, Google and Levi’s is showing off the new “smart” jacket, which is a new denim jacket with special material, that will enable you to control the music on your smartphone, or hear direction details.

The joint venture from a Google unit and clothing giant Levi’s will sell for US $350, and is aimed at cycling commuters and will be available for purchase soon.

But the jacket, although a step forward technologically, is getting some criticism with persons saying it might not be any more useful than the phone or smartwatch you already have.

Basically a handful of gestures can be pre-programmed to announce your time or arrival to a destination.

But if you can access your watch or phone, it will give you a lot more information.

Google says the interactive area on the jacket is on the left sleeve cuff.

Digital connectivity is provided through a USB tag that attaches to the cuff.

Google adds that when the jacket detects your gesture, the tag sends a signal wirelessly to your phone.

Google hopes to get developers enticed with the possibilities, and see the technology used for other clothing and furniture.


Source: USA Today


March 14th, 2017

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